Business Interiors Direct


Distinctly designed furniture to create the right impression.

Furnishing your working environment is perhaps one of the most important purchases that your business will ever have to make.

A well planed and well furnished environment helps to create efficiency and visual appeal to all those who come into contact with it.

It says your company is forward thinking, successful and dynamic. it rewards personnel with working areas they feel happy to be in and is therefore a major source of staff retention and improved productivity.

Business Interiors Direct offers a comprehensive range of furniture products and services to accommodate the changing needs of today’s diverse and demanding workspaces. Combined with design flair and extensive industry experience, we believe this makes business interiors direct the right choice for all your furniture needs.

Transform your interior into a stunningly attractive and highly efficient working environment!


It's the most important purchase you will ever make for the office when it comes to ensuring the comfort and fitness of staff and promoting productivity. An average chair will travel more than 7 miles in a year’s normal use and will be in use 7-8 hours a day 5 days a week.


In the working environment, the workstation is a key element to ensure efficiency and productivity. Floor space is expensive so you need to invest in furniture that makes the best use of space available.

Furniture for all your interior needs...

  • desking
  • storage
  • office
  • educational
  • filing cabinets
  • lighting
  • canteen
  • meeting room
  • seating
  • screens
  • call centres
  • executive
  • lockers
  • safes
  • bistro & cafe
  • reception
  • bookcases
  • coatstands
  • boardrooms
  • home office
  • workstations
  • presentation
  • computer
  • breakout areas
  • cupboards
  • floor mats
  • training
  • mail room
  • tables
  • art
  • conference
  • artificial plants