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Specialists in leasing for furniture and interiors

Business Interiors Direct finance specialise in arranging leasing for customers who are looking to improve their working environment.

Our finance packages can include all aspects of an interiors refurbishment, allowing one easy monthly payment for an entire project.

Our team have significant experience in this industry and as such have a great understanding of the marketplace - so call one of our experts now.


For businesses moving or refurbishing existing space, budgets are often tight and limitations can result in projects being downsized or downgraded. leasing is therefore an ideal way to overcome budget issues as payments are fixed for this period and it helps you budget effectively and manage your cashflow efficiently.

It can be cheaper than paying cash!

If you pay for the furniture and refurbishment of your building from your cashflow, only a limited percentage is available for tax purposes. Because of the intangible elements, the ‘revenue’ only allow you to claim capital allowances against approximately 65% of the project. However, if you lease the works, the repayments are 100% allowable unlike any other form of finance such as a bank loan. This 100% allowance on payments makes leasing the most tax efficient method of refurbishing a building and can work out cheaper than paying cash!

Leasing benefits

  • easier budgeting.
  • management of cashflow.
  • flexibility to add to the lease as necessary.
  • conserves capital and preserves existing borrowing power.
  • rentals are 100% tax allowable, which means leasing can work out cheaper than paying cash!
  • payments come from a revenue budget as opposed to a capital budget.
  • include all costs of an interior re-fit in one easy monthly payment.

our specialist finance packages can include most aspects of an interior re-fit.

  • desking
  • cabling
  • audio visual
  • seating
  • carpets
  • storage
  • air conditioning
  • partitions
  • telecoms
  • it hardware & software